Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Aren’t Dating. This informative article is through the archive of our partner.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Aren’t Dating. This informative article is through the archive of our partner.

Today in celebrity gossip: A rumored power few is certainly not actually coupling, Ryan Lochte has a tremendously stylish supper, and Prince Harry isn’t any longer searching for revenge.

Though she attempted to destroy him therefore sexily in Vanilla Sky and so they radiated such electric chemistry into the best movie ever made, Knight and Day, it turns out that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz aren’t dating. There was in fact a rumor they had been, but reps or whoever are actually stating that the thing that is whole not the case. They are simply buddies, dudes, so relax. You can certainly still ‘ship them all that’s necessary on the fanfic site, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but in actual life, IRL, t’ain’t happening. Sorry, but that is the fact from it. Many of you had been hoping that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz had been, like, making away a great deal and doin’ other things together, y’know, intimate stuff, and you also thought about this all the time in your working environment whilst you had been allowed to be doing things. It had been simply an actual thing that is nice a lot of one to consider, Cameron doing a bit of sorts of ridiculous party, Tom looking in with this strange glare of their, saying something smooth love, “Hello world feminine, shall we couple for the purposes of intimate launch?” Just many of you have got been fantasizing about this, however now the impression is shattered. Sorry. Those two aren’t doing it to one another. They truly are simply buddies. Each goes do buddy things. Cameron satisfies Tom down in the beach and Tom’s there along with his close individual associate, the doe-eyed curly-haired young Jeffery, as well as have actually a beneficial, platonic time. That is all. Sorry. Oh well. Us Weekly

Editors from Vogue mag recently took celebrated swimbo Ryan Lochte off to supper during the Lion, a pretentious nonsense lair over into the Western Village of Manhattan.

Lochte has expressed a pastime in style in the last, and so I guess it makes sense that Vogue editors would make use of their capabilities setting a dinner up with him when it comes to ostensible explanation of talking store but really and truly just to have images with him and giggle and inform people they know which they touched their abs or any. After dinner Lochte apparently decided to go to products with a clothier, whom asked Lochte just just just what he considered the Vogue editors and I like their paper guide high in pretty women. whether he consented due to their eyesight or conception associated with the present realm of fashion, and Lochte considered this concern for a second, nodded their mind just as if deep in idea, and lastly stated, “” therefore, child’s going places. Page Six

Sweet ginger sex prince Harry of England has fallen a complaint that is formal the Uk newsprint sunlight in relation to their nude picture scandal with this past, many nude British people-filled summer. Basically an agent when it comes to top stated that as they still think that the sunlight violated Harry’s privacy (pronounced: PRIH-vah-see), the prince needs to focus on more matters that are important now, such as the proven fact that he is in Afghanistan and individuals keep getting shot the hell up over there. That is just greater on everybody’s concern list than formally telling the sun’s rays they draw whenever everyone else currently understands that they draw. And, well, that’s that. The final we are going to hear for the whole sordid mess, I am sure. You’ll find nothing kept to talk about so we should your investment thing that is wholeUnless of program there are many more explicit pictures, then you definitely learn how to find us and provide us pictures, the sunlight. We are right right here. Waiting. Forever waiting.) Us Weekly

Check out grim developments in that tale about that Sons of Anarchy actor whom killed their landlady after which himself in L.A. on Tuesday.

This star, Johnny Lewis, had been apparently mixed up in Church of Scientology as being a more youthful guy, and his parents had been muckety-mucks within the church at some time. Maybe not that that includes almost anything related to such a thing, but it’s simply a plain thing that is being reported. By TMZ, but reported however. Addititionally there is a thing concerning the landlady that is poor pet that is unpleasant and unfortunate, after all much less unfortunate due to the fact woman getting murdered or even the man killing himself, but nevertheless sad. Therefore. We have no idea. See clearly if you like. In the event that’s your thing. If you should be wondering. Possibly he was known by you. Possibly you knew her. I do not understand. That knows such a thing, actually. We’m simply gonna stare out of the screen for a time. TMZ

OK, we are back. Here is a funny post that is little just exactly how previous president George W. Bush fundamentally doesn’t always have any pictures of himself being the president in their house in Crawford, TX. Huh. That is funny, is not it. I am talking about, We definitely understand that i’ve a lot of pictures of this time We began a fire into the kitchen area while attempting to make pancakes and accidentally burned everything down and ruined things for a long time and years. I’ve countless pictures of this! Why would not I?? and I also’m certain almost all of you have got pictures from the period once you had been pulling at railroad ties given that it seemed enjoyable and you unintentionally derailed that train also it was a large catastrophe. Why would not we’ve images of the grand moments in our everyday lives? Into two horrifically ill-advised and largely illegal wars all because the scary bald man in the cloak was telling him to, and then he gave everyone a bunch of tax cuts because who needs to pay for a war, while presiding over the greatest financial meltdown in 80 years so it seems strange that George W. Bush wouldn’t have pictures from that time when he willfully entered us. Why would not he wish to be reminded of the grand, glorious times every possibility he got?? It is all extremely astonishing. Page Six

These are photographs, the following is a picture of brand new woman’s Max Greenfield in a small red swimwear.

Very little to say about this apart from that. Those would be the known facts for the picture. Go on it or keep it. We’d highly suggest it is taken by you. Us Weekly

And also for the remainder of you, you woman enthusiasts, below are a few photos of Natalie Portman along with her brand new blond locks. Plus she’s got her beloved dog Whiz along with her, if you should be into that sorta thing. Let us additionally examine these images and consider the undeniable fact that NatPo had a child like six hours ago and seems like exactly exactly exactly what she appears like. Celebrities are secret people. They truly are devious and dark and dangerous wizards. Somewhere in deepest Toledo some poor woman is gaining most of Natalie Portman’s fat on her, due to some spell that Natalie cast while flying over Ohio on her behalf solution to someplace more interesting. The entire world is unjust. And it is all celebrities’ fault. Daily Mail

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